Danemann – 1938 Walnut Upright – £3600.00
Very pretty Art Deco upright built by Danemann in London 1938. Walnut with very rare leopard veneer. In very good condition , refurbished. Has the usual excellent Danemann tone and touch.
Dimensions : width 138 cm depth 57 cm.
Eavestaff – 1933 Baby Grand – £4850.00
Small grand, built in London in 1933, completely restored, lovely tone. Flamed mahogany case.
Dimensions 4ft2 length, 4ft8 width. (127 cm by 143 cm)
Eavestaff – 1930 Mini Piano – £1200.00
Eavestaff mini piano, built in 1930. 4 1/2 octaves. Mahogany case. Refurbished and repolished. Wth matching mahogany stool.
Dimensions : height 4ft3, depth 18in. (130 cm by 46 cm)
No picture at present
Kimball – 1980 Walnut Upright – £1250.00
Piano made in Chicago, USA in 1980, has had little use. Satin walnut finish. Compact size.
Dimensions: 4ft10 wide, 3ft1 high, 2ft4 deep. (146 cm wide, 94 cm high, 63 cm deep)
Klaber – 1890's Mahogany Upright – £1250.00
Large mahogany upright, made in New York, date of manufacture not traceable but pre-WWI, probably late 1890's. Overstrung, underdamped. Serial No. 24562. Original condition.
Dimensions: 5ft1 width, 4ft6 height, 2ft3 deep. (155 cm wide, 137 cm height, 69 cm deep)
Spencer – 1929 Baby Grand – £1850.00
Baby grand built by Spencer of London in 1929. Serial No. 38417. Ivory keys, red mahogany case. Good small grand in original condition and good working order.
Dimensions : length 139 cm, width 147 cm.
Beckhardt – 1930's Mahogany Upright – £975.00
Good German piano, built in Berlin in the 1930's. Repolished and serviced.
No picture at present
Bluethner – 1880 Walnut Grand Piano –
£ please enquire
Very rare and beautiful English Walnut German grand. In excellent condition. An extraordinary work of art. Detailed pictures on request.
Danemann – 1976 Classic – For Hire
Modern Danemann piano. Excellent trademark tone and touch. Mahogany case, at the moment on school castors for easy movement, can be removed. Dimensions : width 142 cm depth 61 cm
Erard – 1850 Upright – £2280.00
Very fine, rare rosewood instrument. Currently under restoration
No picture at present
Gerhard Adam – 1927 Upright – SOLD
Black upright with wonderful tone and touch. Excellent instrument, refurbished. Piano was well serviced throughout its life.
Steck – 1900 Grand Piano – £3650.00
Steck grand piano, built in 1900. Serial No. 20409. Completely restrung and fitted with new Renner hammers. Very nice rich, mellow tone. Repolished red mahogany case.
Steck – 1930's Baby Grand – SOLD
Small Steck grand piano with nice tone and touch. Built in the 1930's. Ivory keys. Refurbished and repolished.
Dimensions: length 4ft2, width 4ft8. (127 cm by 143 cm)
Yamaha – 1987 Upright – £1750.00
Yamaha rosewood, built in 1987. Model P 116 N in excellent condition, very little use.

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